SteelPRO 600 First to Use XPR300 in Robotic Plasma Cutting

SteelPRO 600 First to Use XPR300 in Robotic Plasma Cutting

  • Hyperthem XPR300 in robotic plasma cutting
  • SteelPRO Beam Line with Hypertherm XPR300 Unit
  • Hypertherm XPR300 Robotic Plasma Hole Cutting
  • Hypertherm XPR300 Robotic Plasma Hole Cutting
  • Hypertherm XPR300 Robotic Plasma Hole Cutting
  • SteelPRO Beam Line Robotic Plasma Cutting
  • Hypertherm XPR300 Robotic Plasma Hole Cutting

PORTLAND, Oregon, June 12 — Industry leader Hypertherm® today named Inovatech Engineering Corp. “The first robotic integrator in the world to use the new Hypertherm XPR300 in robotic plasma cutting.”

For years, Inovatech and its SteelPRO line of robotic cutting machines have relied on Hypertherm XD plasma technology. Until now, that is. For its new, space-saving SteelPRO 600 beam line, the team chose to test Hyp’s latest technology. Result: the XPR300 system performs flawlessly in a production setting. And, as stated by Senior Engineer Miguel Clement, the story gets better.

SteelPRO machines define the state of the art for structural plasma.

“During the past ten years we’ve achieved superb results with the Hypertherm XD Series,” Clement says. “But switching to the XPR300 in robotic plasma cutting means that our customers will get a huge boost in speed, precision, and parts quality. They can also pierce and cut 20% to 30% thicker material. At the same time, these shops should see their consumables spend cut nearly in half.”

Senior Partner Stephane Menard spoke straight to the point. “We gave our customers the best plasma system out there.”

Once again this Canadian engineering team has proved its robotic integration know-how. Controlled by the firm’s SteelPRO FullCircle™ software, the XPR300 provides 63 kW of output power to a Fanuc® M20iA robot. Clement also lists notable improvements in precision, squared edges, and bolt-hole quality at ratios up to 2:1. Another big plus is the new XPR torch design. Among its many productive, cost-saving features, the tapered torch features a 76° included angle and up to 52° bevel rotation.

“For the Portland installation, the client had a specialty beam contract,” Clement explains. “Cutting each one by hand takes 11 hours of highly skilled labor. In this case, they chose to trust the new SteelPRO 600 to do the job. So our first production test for the XPR300 was to process about 150 fairly complex beams. The 600 cut each one in 15 minutes.”

More uses planned for the XPR300 in robotic plasma cutting.

Inovatech’s structural machine sales are climbing steadily. More than ten beam lines are scheduled for delivery during the next year. Beyond that, a new SteelPRO robotic plate cutting line is in the works. It is therefore safe to state that many more fabricators will soon see Hypertherm’s XPR300 put to productive use.

Andrew Michael