Robotic Plate Table Systems

SteelPRO Robotic Plate Table Systems

Choose a SteelPRO integral or standalone robotic plate table system and watch the plate really flow through your shop! Both applications feature a six-axis Fanuc® M-10IA robot and dual-drive servo motors. A conventional-style gantry is guided by the finest Güdel® motion control system. Powered by Hypertherm® plasma, the robot easily switches from standard to bevel cutting with no extra equipment or setup time.

SteelPRO 700 Robotic Plate Table Systems

Uniting advanced robotic CNC software and Inovatech’s many advancements in automated fabrication, “The 700” offers better reliability and ease of use vs. non-robotic plasma cutting tables. Beneath its state of the art design however, the 700 adheres to standard plate cutting methods familiar to both owners and operators alike.

SteelPRO 900 Robotic Plate Table Systems

In addition to cutting 4-side structural steel profiles, the 900 beam line comes with dual alternating 6’x10’ plate tables for continuous production while loading and unloading. Robotic plate table systems range up to 10’x24’. in size.